Federal and provincial laws

In general, pharmacy laws will be determined by the sum of two levels.

Level 1 – Federal Law

These laws apply to the whole country and serve as the foundation of what will apply to you as a pharmacist in a given province.

You will study and apply these when taking the (federal) PEBC exams to become a licensed pharmacist after completing your degree.

As a student I tried to summarize the federal laws into a chart that made more sense to me than a wall of text and tried to use it to note patterns rather than trying to memorize.

Federal prescription regulations chart

Level 2 – Provincial Law

These laws apply within a given province. They lay on top of the federal laws. They may make things more restrictive but are not permitted to make things less restrictive.

You will study these combined with federal laws in order to pass a jurisprudence exam at some point during your degree.

Again, as a student I attempted to make a chart for visualizing the trends.  My provincial chart will only apply in Saskatchewan as that is where I attended university.

Provincial prescription regulations chart (Saskatchewan)